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Best Pizza in the Annapolis Area


Pizza fans have plenty to choose from in the Annapolis area. Forget delivery chains and fast-food joints you can get anywhere in the country — there are enough locally owned pizzerias in Annapolis offering enough options to keep you satisfied every time you get a craving for a slice of pie.

Want a sophisticated sit-down restaurant that specializes in artisan flatbreads with adventurous toppings? You’ll find it in Annapolis.

Want a casual spot where you can grab a classic slice of New York-style pizza with extra cheese and greasy pepperoni? You’ll find it in Annapolis.

Want a fun place where you can go as a family and find something for everyone? You guess it — you can find that place in Annapolis.

In fact, going on a “pizza tour” is a great way to explore the area because each of what’s known as the Annapolitan “neighborhoods” has a pizza restaurant you’ll want to check out. (It’s worth noting that some of these restaurants don’t exclusively do pizza; some of them have expansive menus with other Italian specialties or culinary surprises, but pizza still features prominently on their menu.)

Here are a few recommendations for the best pizza in Annapolis:

Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen

1 Park Place, Suite 10, Annapolis

This sit-down restaurant is a great option for date night, with its extensive Italian menu and varied wine options. Boasting “the best of Italy,” Carpaccio bakes its pizzas in a brick oven, offering classic toppings like wild mushroom and meat lover’s. It even has a cauliflower crust option.

Luna Blu Ristorante Italiano

36 West Street, Annapolis

Luna Blu is all about serving great Italian cuisine in an atmosphere that can best be described as cozy and beautiful. The menu has a variety of pizza toppings available, as well as a gluten-free crust option. For diners who want to enjoy a little bit of vino with their pizza, Luna Blu does wine-and-pizza pairings on Tuesday and Thursday nights that you’ll want to check out.

Little Italy Annapolis

1411 Forest Drive, Annapolis

If you want a place that’s casual and family-friendly, you’ll find the atmosphere you want at Little Italy Annapolis, as well as what it proclaims is “some of the tastiest Italian food” in the area. Pizza is served several different ways at Little Italy Annapolis, including New York style and square pan style. There are plenty of meats, vegetables, and cheeses to choose from in customizing your pizza. Be sure to stop by on Monday to enjoy the pizza specials available.

Bella Italia

609 Taylor Avenue, Annapolis

This casual spot in West Annapolis offers a wide variety of pizza toppings so you can customize the pie of your choice, plus you can opt for a 14-inch or 16-inch size.

Ledo Pizza

505 S Cherry Grove Avenue, Annapolis

Ledo Pizza is considered a Maryland tradition, and locations of this franchise can be found across the state, including right here in the capital city. Ledo does pizza little differently, and its fans love the restaurant for its pastry-like crust, ultra-sweet tomato sauce, its use of provolone cheese instead of mozzarella, and its square slices.

Sammy’s Italian Pizza Kitchen

1007 Bay Ridge Avenue, Annapolis

At Sammy’s Italian Pizza Kitchen, you’ll enjoy a fresh, hand-tossed crust topped with your choice of classic and innovative toppings, all in a casual, family-friendly atmosphere. This Italian joint prides itself on its reputation for five-star service (based on extensive reviews) while still being one of the most affordably priced places around.

Fox’s Den

179B Main Street, Annapolis

Known as being the “premier gastropub in Annapolis,” this addition to the local dining scene might be a hidden gem if it didn’t have such a strong following — the entrance is narrow and easy to miss along busy Main Street, leading into a downstairs restaurant where you’ll find a variety of drink and dining options. The selection of artisan flatbread pizzas encompassed everything from a fig-and-ham pizza to a chicken-and-ranch pizza.

Giolitti Fine Italian Market & Delicatessen

2068 Somerville Road, Annapolis

Head over to the Annapolis Towne Centre to check out this delicatessen specializing in tantalizing Italian treats (you’ll want to take plenty home with you too). The Osteria-style restaurant represents the old country’s tradition of good, plentiful food made available at a great price (and for a good value). The pizzas are done in Neapolitan style with crusts stretched by hand and topped with all kinds of artisan options.

Neo Pizza

220 Harker Place, Suite 145, Annapolis

This trendy pizzeria in the Annapolis Towne Centre has something for everyone — choose from a 10-inch or 14-inch personal pizza and enjoy a variety of toppings, including fresh meats, bountiful veggies, even vegan cheese and vegan sausage. Plus there are gluten-free or cauliflower pizza crusts available.

Come to Annapolis for the pizza and stay for all the other cultural joys you’ll find here when you call this city home. If you’re looking to move to the Annapolis area, reach out to Jen Schaub by emailing jennifer(dotted)schaub(at)longandfoster(dotted)com or calling 720.244.5945.

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