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Where Can I Find Live Music in Annapolis?

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Whether you consider yourself a music enthusiast — somebody who passionately follows certain genres and can speak the lingo of what makes a good composition — or you just think of yourself as a casual listener — that is, you enjoy music and would never say no to hearing it — you will love the chance to get out from time to time and enjoy some live tunes at a restaurant or performance hall.

One of the great aspects of culture in Annapolis is that it’s so easy to get out and enjoy live music. Many restaurants and bars book full calendars of live music — sometimes, it’s late at night on the weekends, so you have just one more excuse to stay out past your bedtime on Friday or Saturday; other times, it’s early evening on a weeknight, so you have the incentive to make plans for friends and enjoy a fun getaway to break up the week.

If you’ve never gone out and enjoyed the live music scene, this is your opportunity. After all, a night of live music can be good for you! Consider some of these ways that live music will change your day:

You’ll be a little more social. 

Going to enjoy live music gets you out of the house, usually on nights when you might be more inclined to stay in. It’s a good excuse to meet up with friends, but even if you go by yourself, you’re bound to meet some people who are there to enjoy the music just as you are. The music serves as a good conversation starter, and the next thing you know, you’ve made new friends. (And wasn’t it easy?)

You might be a little more active. 

Nobody is saying that going out to see live music is the same as going to the gym, but it’s also not the same as staying home and sitting on the sofa. When you go see live music, you’ll likely spend a lot of time on your feet, although some venues do have plenty of seating. But you also might find yourself compelled to get up and dance a little bit. And why shouldn’t you? It’s fun!

Music can boost your spirits. 

Music, like other forms of entertainment, has the ability to distract you from the problems that are going on elsewhere in your life. For just an hour or two, you’re able to focus simply on the performance. And if you really enjoy it and it gets your adrenaline going, you’ll probably find that you’re actually in a much better mood for the next couple of days.

Support local artists and venues. 

Musicians put a lot of time and energy into perfecting their craft. Ask any of them and they’ll likely tell you how much it means that a local venue is offering them the opportunity to play. By stopping by to listen, you’re letting a local artist know that they are appreciated. They might not be winning a Grammy, but they’re connecting with a live audience — and that can sometimes feel just as good. Plus that drink you bought at the bar or the round of appetizers you ate is patronage of a local business, so you’re helping the local economy too!

You’ll expand your horizons. 

You know how there’s some music that you’ve just convinced yourself you would never listen to? Maybe it’s hard rock, or it’s country, or it’s folksy acoustic. But when you have the chance to hear it live, you might find yourself feeling more receptive to something you would usually dismiss right away. If you go to see a band you really like and the band preceding them or following them is outside your comfort zone, you could end up finding that you enjoy a type of music you didn’t realize you did. Isn’t it great to expand your horizon sometimes?

Interact with the artists. 

When you stream music or buy an album, you don’t get the chance to have face-to-face interaction with the artist. When you go to hear them play live, you have the chance to approach them after the performance, congratulate them on a job well done, and find out where they’re playing again next.

Interested in catching some live music around the Annapolis area? These three are always reliable favorites, but be sure to check the website of your favorite restaurant and bar — they might have some upcoming dates you’ll want to get on your calendar.

Live Music Venues In Annapolis

Rams Head On Stage

33 West Street, Annapolis

Rams Head is well known for bringing in local talent as well as national big names. Performances are every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

49 West Café

49 West Street, Annapolis

You can find live music at 49 West Café pretty much any night of the week, representing such genres as jazz, American roots, folk, indie, bluegrass, bossa nova, classical, and more.

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

801 Chase Street, Annapolis

With two performances spaces — the main theater and the blackbox Bowen Theater — Maryland Hall is a great venue for a variety of acts, from symphony orchestras to rock bands to solo artists.

If you want to learn more about all the great reasons Annapolis and Anne Arundel County are an ideal place to call home, reach out to Jennifer Schaub by emailing jennifer(dotted)schaub(at)longandfoster(dotted)com or calling 720.244.5945.

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