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What to Expect at the Anne Arundel County Fair

When you drive through any of the towns or communities in the greater Annapolis area, you might be surprised to think about the fact that so much of Anne Arundel County used to be farmland. Sure, there are still a few rural properties, main...

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Renaissance parade

Why We Love the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Hear ye, hear ye — that’s right, the Maryland Renaissance Festival is returning after a year off due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we have to admit that we love having this destination event right here in the Annapolis area. Often ...

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Car parking on the street

Parking in Downtown Annapolis

Let’s talk about one of the biggest stressors you’ll face when you’re living in any city — parking! Fortunately, navigating parking in downtown Annapolis isn’t nearly as stressful as it would be in a big city. You might even di...

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outdoor restaurant

Five Things to Do in Ocean City, MD

One of the great things about living in Maryland — particularly in Central Maryland, like those of us in the Annapolis area — is that there are all kinds of vacation options, whether you prefer beaching it on the seashore or camping up ...

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woman cycling on the sunset

Bicyclists Love Annapolis

There are all kinds of reasons for hopping on a bicycle. Maybe you’re doing it for transportation, to get from point A to point B in an environmentally that you want an excuse to get outside so you can enjoy some fresh air and scenery. ...

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fruits and vegetable

Here’s Why Farmers’ Markets Are The Best

Is there anything better than farm-fresh produce?  Especially when you can enjoy it in peak season within a day or two of being picked? Sure, it’s always nice to know that your favorite traditional grocery store has all your favorite fru...

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